The history of JerseyAve

CEO of JerseyAve

The idea for this marketplace came to me during the football world cup in 2018. The French team having arrived in the final against Croatia, I rushed to the stores to buy myself a France team jersey.

Two things blocked me during my research, the availability and the price. Sports jerseys are among the most expensive clothes on the world markets ($90 on average) .

Finally, I bought a jersey from a neighbor who had one too big for him and he couldn't sell due to lack of exposure.


At the end of the World Cup, I questioned myself. On one side there was me, a fan of sports and jerseys , and on the other my neighbor, collector and seller of jerseys . We both had a common problem: buying and selling cheap jerseys. So I asked myself: "Isn't there a platform solely dedicated to the purchase and sale of sports jerseys?". And this is what gave rise to the creation of the JerseyAve platform.

jersey lovers" who will hopefully grow and expand all over the world.