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How it works?


Review the latest jerseys published by your vendors, you can even add them as favorite to always have them on hand.


Review your cart and make it look good


Sell the jerseys that you want and from all types of sports, whether you are an individual or a professional (custom jerseys, jerseys creations, second hand, ...). You can post your jersey as a simple ad if you already have a sales platform.


Add a jersey
  • Click on "Sell" button on the top menu.
  • Choose the photos you want to illustrate your jersey.
  • Choose between selling the jersey on the site or post a jersey as an ad (recommended if you already have a website).
  • Fill in each field for the description of your jersey (name, category, condition of the jersey, quantity, price, shipping, location).
  • You can put your shirt forward if you wish: 5€ for a day or 10€ per month
Click the Sell button
Fill in the information
Put forward your jersey
Advises to sell

Here are your tips for your jersey:

Take good pictures:

The photos you will post represent about 90% of the future sale, they will determine if your jersey is of good quality or not.

Present your products well:

Choose a good background or put the shirt on it, make it stand on a hanger or put it on your bed.

Avoid photos with a white background, transparent, your product may be perceived as a scam.

Send the jersey

As soon as your jersey is bought, you will receive a notification by email informing you the purchase of your jersey and giving you an appointment on the page "sale" of the site located in the header menu.

It's up to you to send the jersey.

You will have to forward the package so that the buyer can follow the path / evolution of the jersey.

Change the status of the sale to "Shipped" and put the tracking number and the url of the shipping website.

When the user has received the jersey, he will make sure to have received the jersey as it was described in the sale then he will be able to approve the sale and leave an opinion on your jersey.


Advices before buying
  • Before any purchase, try to contact the seller to know the availability of the jersey through our internal mail by clicking on the button "Ask a question" on the right of the article.
  • Look at the photos taken by the seller.
  • Look at the description of the jersey.
  • Look at the seller's profile (his opinion, his sales numbers)
Buy a jersey

After you are assured of the reliability of the seller and the availability of the jersey, you can put the jersey in your basket and proceed to payment. Or you can continue to watch other jerseys and proceed to payment later.


You have the option to pay by credit card via Stripe *, or you have PayPal which is the secure online payment.

* Stripe : This is a ready-to-use payment system that allows you to accept online payments by credit card without paying large and unjustified bank charges. You just have your credit card information to fill in and you will receive a confirmation email

The JerseyAve platform has chosen to set up insurance for buyers.

This insurance will allow buyers to be refunded as soon as possible and without questioning if the buyer chooses to withdraw.

The price of this insurance is fixed at 15€ and it will take effect on an order, no matter the number of items bought on the order you will be refunded.

To take the insurance you have to go to the card and click on the button Add : $15 :

If you decide to continue your purchases without taking insurance and you notice a problem on your order once received, it will be difficult to make a possible refund in case of dispute.

WARNING! The insurance only works during the current transaction, if you decide to click on the button " Approve " the order in progress your order will be over and there will be no possibility of return

Package tracking

You will have the opportunity to follow your product. You will be notified by email as soon as the seller has sent the package

We give you an appointment

Approve the jersey

After receiving the jersey, you must ensure "before approving" that the jersey matches the description of the seller.

You must go to the "Order" page of the site and click on your active order.

Then you have to click on the "Approve" button to confirm the good reception of the product.

By clicking on "Approve" , you agree to have received the package and that the package meets your expectations described by the seller.

If there is a problem with the command, do not press the "Approve" button. We invite you to click on the button "Report the order" with to contact us by mail to the address: " " by putting as object the number of your order received by email or available on the page "Order" the site and describe the problem with the order placed. We will try to find a solution to your problem (put end relationship with the seller or refund possible).

If you detect a problem after clicking the "Approve" button, we will not be able to help you find a solution between you and the seller.

Leave a user review

After receiving the package, we strongly invite you to leave an opinion on the product or on the seller, so that these opinions make him build his reliability and his reputation within our platform.

* Please note that each transaction that will be done outside our site / application will be non-negotiable and non-refundable automatically in case of problems with orders. Make sure that each order goes through our website:*

Payment and Withdrawal

Payment methods

For the buyer

Paypal: PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to pay for purchases, receive payments, or send and receive money. To qualify for these services, a person must create an account and then send various bank details to PayPal, such as the credit card number.

Credit Card (Stripe): Stripe is a ready-to-use payment system that allows you to accept online payments by credit card without having to pay large and unjustified bank charges. You just have your credit card information to fill in and you will receive a confirmation email

Withdrawal mode

For the seller

We chose PayPal for the withdrawal of the gains on JerseyAve due to the speed of transfer and the security of the online platform.

Each vendor will need to create a PayPal account before selling their jerseys.

You are free to withdraw your earnings when you want

How is the withdrawal of earnings?

To withdraw your winnings, you must go to the "Earnings" page under "Cash Withdrawal" .

Put the amount you want to withdraw and click "Validate" ; Make sure you have set up your paypal account before submitting your withdrawal request. To check, go to the "Set the payment account" .

After validating your withdrawal request, you will be able to access the history of your withdrawal request (always on the same heading), and we will send you your winnings as soon as possible. Please allow maximum 24h considering the number of requests we receive per day. For requests for withdrawals of money made the weekend You will have to count 48h minimum to receive your transfer PayPal

If you still have not received your winnings after a withdrawal request we invite you to contact us by email at the following address: " ".


Buyer side

During the purchase of a jersey, your payment will be blocked on the site until the reception, it will not be directly redistributed to the salesman. So there is no risk that the seller will leave with your money without having delivered the shirt (s)

Once you have received the jersey and it will meet your expectations, you can approve the order and the seller will receive the payment.

Vendor side

The security of the seller is our priority as well as that of the buyer, which is why we make sure that each transaction is the best for you.

The JerseyAve platform has chosen the transfer of money via Paypal for its speed and security, you will receive your money safely, once the buyer buyer has confirmed having received the jersey.

We will ensure that every buyer has confirmed receipt of the jersey.

If the buyer forgets to confirm the receipt of the jersey, we will send him an e-mail to know if he has received the jersey. If it does not respond within 5 days, we will consider that the buyer has received the jersey, you will be paid and you can see your winnings on the page "earnings".

If you have a dispute over a sale with a buyer, please contact us at: " ".

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